Dec 4, 2009


Presence here and there. Know you are listening. Right here, giving health, breath. Infectious breath cleaning my veins. Drain my veins as you please, but please take me far, far with you. Patterns are taking our lives. No place on earth is safer than your heart. Taking few emotions and smashing them together creating 'places', just places; where are those places? Maybe those places exist only in my dreams, but watching you is dreaming-ish. So, meet me there next time you think of me. PALACES PLACES PALACES PLACES PALACES PLACES.

1 comment:

  1. UFF, quede super speechless en serio.
    Estuve en frente del comment box todo como 12 minutos.
    No puedo decir nada.

    Es simplemente perfecto.

    Te amo